Territory (Outside) Sales Representatives

DaveEpic.gif Dave Emanuelson
Territory Sales Representative; Stanhope, IA
Voice Mail: 1-800-328-4460 Ext. 302
E-mail: davee@stempf.com

Serving: Iowa, Minnesota (561), Nebraska (680-685) & South Dakota (571)

AlJpic.gif Al Jirgl
Territory Sales Representative; Wausau, WI
Voice Mail: 1-800-328-4460 Ext. 301
E-mail: alj@stempf.com

Serving: Wisconsin & Minnesota (559)

Inside Sales Representatives

Brett Bibeau
Inside Sales Representative; Minneapolis, MN
Toll Free Direct: 1-888-285-2735
E-mail: brettb@stempf.com

Serving: D.C., Florida, S. Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Minnesota (563-564), New York, S. Ohio, Oregon & Utah
Guam, Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands

Mark Murray
Inside Sales Representative; Minneapolis, MN
Toll Free Direct: 1-888-262-9970
E-mail: markm@stempf.com

Serving: S. California, Delaware, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska (except 680-685), New Hampshire, North Dakota (580-582), E. Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Washington, and Wyoming 
Also Serving:  Ontario, Quebec & Novia Scotia, Canada

Al Szczepanski
Inside Sales Representative; Minneapolis, MN
Toll Free Direct: 1-888-282-7325
E-mail: als@stempf.com

Serving: Alabama, Alaska, N. Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota (560-562), North Carolina, Tennessee & Texas


Our friendly customer support staff are here to help you with your order, technical questions or to help you find your Minnesota sales representative.
Jon Gulbrandson,
Customer Service & Technical Support
TOLL FREE: 1-800-328-4460
Carol Kapala,
Sales & Customer Service Manager

TOLL FREE: 1-800-328-4460
Janice Atkinson,
TOLL FREE: 1-800-328-4460

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