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These sway bars minimize body roll, stabilizing the tire contact for maximum traction. Designed with stiffer rear bars to improve chassis balance, the moderate understeer for front wheel drive street vehicles is neutralized. The alloy steel anti-roll bars are precision-formed and provide more cornering power!    

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AGX adjustable gas shocks are engineered for exceptional quality and performance. The patented check valve prevents performance fade, while the multi-lip seals and self-sealing packing reduce leaks. The daming rate on both rebound and compression strokes can be adjusted with an eight-position external knob on the shock body or a screwdriver slot on the top of the piston rod.

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Chassis flex will cause your steering-alignment to change during hard cornering. Strut tower braces link the top of a vehicle's strut towers, greatly reducing chassis flex. This increased rigidity insures aggressive cornering performance. Strut tower braces are the perfect finishing piece for the performance package.


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